Spiritual Organisations

There are various Spiritual Organizations that have been formed and associated with St. Mary’s Jacobite Syrian Church malayidomthuruth. These Organizations play a key role in the day-to-day activities of the church and help to look after an environment to carefully support and raise the healthy development of the Parish members. The main Spiritual Organizations affiliated are:

Sunday School "Teach a child how he should live, and he will remember it all his life." (Proverbs 22: 6) Sunday School is a spiritual institution for children, which is conducted every Sunday after Holy Qurbana. It mainly focusses on the spiritual nurturing of children by bringing them up in knowledge and fellowship Jesus Christ our Lord and the Church. The mission of our Sunday School is to develop an understanding of the Bible to provide a strong foundation for Christian living so that our children are on the right spiritual path. It helps to produce a good posterity for both the church and the society. The J.S.V.B.S held at the church during every April, co-coordinating all Sunday Schools in the Parish, Since malayidomthuruth church is the headquarter of MJSSA malayidomthuruth district we are playing a vital role in terms of arranging all these gatherings.

Youth Association A unit of the Malankara Jacobite Syrian Youth Association is functioning actively in the Church. The youth association is an active religious organization working in the Church. It co-ordinates and leads the youth for charity works and other religious activities. The association helps poor students for education. The main source of income is from the stall operated by them. There are also prayer meetings at the houses of the parishioners.

Vanitha Samajam The Martha Mariyam Vanitha Samajam is an active organization in the Church and Chapels. Its members assemble on every Sunday in the church. They take initiative in preaching, charity works and voluntary service.

KEFA (Knights of the Eternal Fraternity with Antioch) A unit of the KEFA is functioning actively in our Parish. KEFA is a social and charitable organization consisting of trained volunteers for organizing service and charitable activities at emergencies. KEFA, now the most prominent organization of it’s kind in the whole church of Malankara, was first formed in Manarcad Church.

Parish Units The Parish was divided for organizing prayer meetings and other religious activities. Each unit has its own name. A committee is handling the administration of every unit. These units help to improve love and Co-operation between the church members. These units are in the starting stage of our Parish.

Sathya Viswasa Samrakshana Samithi Unit of Sathya Viswasa samrakshana Samithi is functioning in the church aimed at inspiring the parishes under the patronage and maintaining allegiance and commitment to the Apostolic Throne of Peter and the Apostolic see of the Holy Patriarch of Antioch and the Bishops of this Apostolic lineage. A large number of people irrespective of age are participating in the program of this organization.

Church Choirs Church Choir team participating the Holy Mass and religious activities.